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              NEWSLocation:HOME / NEWS / Industry news / How to debug the servo motor?

              How to debug the servo motor?

              FORM:中盛科技  |  DATA:2015-4-10 11:27:05

              1. Initialization parameters.
              Before wiring, initialize parameters.
              On the control card: select the control mode; The PID parameter is zero; When the control card is energized, the signal can be turned off by default; Save this state to ensure that the control card is energized again.
              On servo motor: set control mode; Set to enable external control; Gear ratio of encoder signal output; Set the proportional relation between control signal and motor speed. Generally speaking, it is recommended that the maximum design speed in servo work correspond to the control voltage of 9V.
              2, connection
              Power off the control card and connect the signal line between the control card and the servo. The following lines must be connected: the analog output line of the control card, the encoder signal line that enables the signal line and the servo output. The motor and control card (as well as the PC) are charged after the recheck wiring is correct. The motor should not move at this time, and can be easily turned by external force, if not, check the setting and wiring of the energy signal. Turn the motor with external force to check whether the control card can correctly detect the change of the motor position, otherwise check the wiring and setting of the encoder signal.
              3. Zero drift
              In the process of closed-loop control, the existence of zero drift has a certain effect on the control effect, and it is better to suppress it. Use control card or servo to suppress the zero drift parameter, carefully adjust, make the motor speed close to zero. Since zero drift itself has some randomness, it is not necessary to require the motor speed to be zero.
              4. Adjust the closed loop parameters.
              Fine-tuning control parameters to ensure that the motor is moving in accordance with the control card's instructions, which is the work that must be done, and this part of the work is more experience, which can only be omitted here.
              5. Establish closed-loop control.
              Again go through servo control card will make can signal, on the control card to enter a smaller proportion of gain, as to how much smaller, this only by feeling, if there is not trust, input control card can allow the minimum value. Open the control card and servo signal. By this time, the motor should have been able to move roughly according to the motion instructions.
              6. Test direction
              For a closed loop control system, if the direction of the feedback signal is not correct, the result can be disastrous. Open the servo signal through the control card. This is the servo should rotate at a lower speed, which is the "zero drift" in the legend. In general control CARDS, there are instructions or parameters that inhibit zero drift. Use this instruction or parameter to see if the motor speed and direction can be controlled by this instruction (parameter). If not controlled, check the parameter setting of analog quantity wiring and control mode. Confirm to give a positive number, motor is turning, encoder counting increases; Give the negative number, the motor inverts, the encoder count decreases. If the motor has a load, travel is limited and do not use this method. The test should not give too much voltage, and it is recommended below 1V. If the direction is inconsistent, you can modify the parameters on the control card or motor to make it consistent.

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