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              ABOUT USLocation:HOME / ABOUT US / Company culture
              Corporate vision: to be a world-class, reliable supplier of automation equipment;
              Corporate spirit: a determined pursuit of a target, a strong sense of collective consciousness, the right principle of rivalry, a strong sense of social responsibility, reliable values, and methodology;
              Corporate mission: to create value for our clients, to create opportunities for our employees, to create efficiencies for our shareholders, to take responsibility for society;
              Business philosophy: people-oriented, seeking truth and surpassing, striving for perfection and continuous development;
              Talent philosophy: pool talent, respect talent, not stick to one's own style, people do their best;
              Service purpose: customer first, integrity and integrity, hand in hand, win-win cooperation.
              CONTACT US
            2. Wenzhou ZhongSheng technology Co.,Ltd.
              Address:Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou city Ruian Fengdu Tangxia Town Industrial Zone Six Road No. 199
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